Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Part-ay!

I've known since election night that I wanted to throw a small party for Wyatt and Reese on Inauguration Day. I know that they won't actually remember it, but I do want them to value it. Inauguration Day, regardless of your politics, is always an exciting time. I would have thrown them a party if the election had gone the other way. It always marks an end and a beginning, and (whether you think it's needed or not) provides a little hope for the future.

Ronald Reagan was President when I was born, and I don't really remember a ton about his Presidency (I know about his Presidency, but I don't have recollections of it). What I do remember is the '88 election and having little polls at school and pretending to vote. At that point, I began to understand the significance of the American Democracy. I am a History fanatic. Maybe because some of my very best teachers (and I had some amazing teachers) were history teachers. They instilled a passion for History and Politics that still make me want to learn about it (and not just American History, my two most fabulous teachers ever taught European History).

That's what I want for my kids. I don't want to raise apathetic, bored, spoiled children. I won't. That's part of what having this little Inauguration Party was about. I want to teach them to respect the Office of the Presidency regardless of who they vote for (and I don't mind if my babies grow up and vote differently than I long as they vote!). I want to educate them about the generations that sacrificed before us, or as Barack Obama put it in his speech, the ones who, "For us, fought and died, in places like Concord and Gettysburg; Normandy and Khe Sanh." They need to know about what's taking place in the world now so that they can figure out where they belong in it, and know who to thank for their freedom. I want them to understand the historical significance of this election. And I want them to know that when they were itty bitty babies, I still threw them a party to celebrate the Inauguration of Barack Obama, because being an American is that important.

Wyatt eating a Barack Obama cookie watching "Brockin Mama" being sworn in
Some of the Barack Obama cookies

Streamers hanging from the beams
Wyatt's booster seat all decked out

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