Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January...It's the New September

Not really. It's cold and I hate it. But my nickname growing up was "TV Guide" and there was a reason for it. And in the wonderful world of television, all my shows are either starting up again or starting up for the first time in awhile. I'll start with my favorite shows that I haven't seen in years (okay, at least one year).

24 - Seriously, I can't wait to see Jack Bauer kicking some terrorist butt. I love him. I could have done without last season (and by last season, I mean 2006-2007, the writer's strike resulted in an entire missed season) because it just wasn't on the same level as the previous seasons, but I can't wait for Sunday night. As long as no little kids get killed. I can't watch that.

Big Love - I LOVE this show, even if it hasn't had a new episode in a year and a half. At first I was all like "Why am I going to watch a show about a polygamist and his three wives?" But then the answer became clear. Yeah, it kind of makes my stomach queasy, but it's incredibly engaging and entertaining. And it follows the whole culture of the fundamental sect of the religion being morally corupt. Fantastic.

American Idol - Seriously, what can I say? I'm addicted. I love Simon. But I'm going into this season with no expectations because I'm pretty sure Idol's seen its better days.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - My absolute favorite show currently airing on television. And I say "currently" because people with Direct TV have been getting new episodes since October or something. I love the small town football drama, I love Coach Taylor and his family, and I think it is just an amazing show. Brian and I saw our first episode while we were on our honeymoon in Orlando, and even though I didn't want to watch some "dumb football show" I loved it. I don't think last season was nearly as good as the first, but I'm optimistic about the third. Hopefully it will be fantasic.

And I checked my DVR and we've got an all new Grey's this week, House and Bones are going to start up again, and my guiltiest pleasure 90210 had a new episode tonight. I may watch bits and pieces of the Bachelor so I can keep up with the chats at work, but it's not worth the DVR effort. I'm really just looking forward to seeing my favorite shows return, and I'm really hoping that Izzy stops having "Ghost Relations" with Denny this week.

But enough about me...here are some pictured of my precious children, who watch none of the above shows!

Playing together on Reese's play mat

He's not really supposed to be hanging out there


Wyatt thought Monkey needed a diaper

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