Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gotta Love Gino's

Last night Dave, Steph and Natalie came over so we could exchange Christmas gifts (yes, they came over after our tree was down). They brought some Gino's pizza with them. I have to say that I LOVE Gino's, but I usually only have it at work. We used to be some Gino's ordering fools (some people were obsessed with pickled vegetables in salads when they were pregnant), but we've been more health conscious lately. Or maybe Robert and I just don't feel like getting a big pizza to eat by ourselves...

Anyway, Wyatt ate TWO pieces of pizza cut up. Dave went back for another slice after Wyatt was out of his chair, and Wyatt asked for a bite. Then he stole the entire slice, and ate the whole thing. THREE pieces of pizza. And we're not talking small slices here. This kid is ridiculous!
Reese is becoming a pro at reaching out and grabbing things. She loves to play on her play mat and reach out for the hanging toys and to reach and hit the button for music. Her favorite toy is the doll and she will lay down and shriek at it for long periods of time. She gets the biggest smile on her face - I may be biased, but she is absolutely adorable!
We've hit a bump in the road in the last few days with teething. I know the first teeth are always the worst, but she's been pretty upset. We went through the same thing with Wyatt - he didn't get teeth until he was almost six months old, but around 4 months his gums began to bother him. Same thing with Reesie. She just constantly needs to gnaw on something. I gave her a little Tylenol last night to tide her over until we got Orajel, and that seems to do the trick.
Tonight I put her to sleep upstairs for the first time. I've been placing her in the swing and letting her sleep there until I go upstairs, but I needed to break her of it at some point, and I'd like for her to start self soothing. She did a great job. I laid her down drowsy, she cried for a bit, I checked on her and told her it was okay and she fell asleep. When she woke back up to eat I put her down drowsy and there was no crying. I'm not jinxing my self though. I know it'll get worse. But Wyatt (as good of a sleeper as he is now) had us up at 4 in the morning every day a year ago. We finally had to buy a video monitor so we could watch him, but turn the volume down so we couldn't hear him. After a few days he realized we weren't coming and he stayed asleep until 7....and it's stayed that way for almost a year! Now, even on the days that he's up before 7, he entertains himself until we come and get him. I'm anxious for her to sleep like he does, but I know we'll have ups and downs along the way....I'm just ready to get the downs over with!

Seriously, Gino's has HUGE slices

Taking a bite

Don't bother me, I'm eating
Pizza is yummy
Reesie! Note the drool coming from the mouth and all over the outfit! And of course, those beautiful blue eyes!

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  1. I have to agree 100 percent! We eat Gino's Pizza at least once a week in our house and Ryleigh can eat 2 pieces!