Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Randomness

Brian and I went on a date on Friday night. We went to dinner at Outback and then saw Valkyrie. Now, there was a time in my life, I think I was 7, where Tom Cruise was just THE hottest guy on the planet. Not so much now. Perhaps its the couch jumping. Maybe its the sheer craziness. I think maybe I don't have the same taste in men now that I did when I was 7. In any case, he's just not the dreamboat he once was. The movie was average. I think knowing how Hitler actually died ruined it for me. Impressive that some German folks wanted to kill him and almost succeeded, but he still killed himself. Which makes the movie a little less intriguing and a little more boring.

On Saturday we cleaned out the garage, the attic and I took down the rest of the Christmas decor. We also had a wonderful treat provided by our neighbor. Somebody gave him a microphone. And he stood out in front of his house all day narrating things. Narrating his son's attempts riding his bike on his ramp, letting us know when people were driving down the street, announcing when he ran out of beer. It was irritating.

We did our usual grocery store run yesterday and came home to watch football. ALL DAY long. Last night the boys had a blast running through the den and the kitchen...and that about sums it up.

Playing with his Little People Airport wearing his "My Aunt Rocks" T shirt - no he doesn't match. But we were just hanging out at home!

Both kids on Wyatt doggie pillow and mat
Running through the house

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