Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick Story

Tonight Wyatt was sitting on the couch and we heard him say "Feed Baby Sissy." So he gets up, grabs the boppy and pulls it on his lap. He motions to me for Reese, but I tell him no (he's still sick and she's getting sick). He then pulls up his shirt, and reaches out and says "Feed Baby Sissy" again. Brian and I lost it. He wanted to breastfeed Reese. He looked so funny sitting there with his shirt pulled up, boppy on his lap, reaching out for her.

A few minutes later I asked Wyatt if he was ready for bed. We were watching the inauguration with Brian (we used the DVR - at this point I'd watched it three times) and Wyatt said "No, watch more Brockin Momma." ("Brockin Momma" is Wyatt-speak for Barack Obama). What a silly kid!

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