Friday, January 16, 2009

Why Does this Always Happen?

So yesterday we took both kids to the Doctor (Reese for the check up, Wyatt because we didn't have anything else to do with him). Reese got two shots. I completely expected her to be "feverish" today. I figured that if she was whiny and cranky from the shots Brian could handle it on his own. And he could have.

What I did not expect was the cold my son was coming down with less than 4 hours after we got home. I should have though. No matter what happens, no matter which waiting room we wait in (there's the obvious sick child and well child waiting rooms, but there is also a "Newborn" waiting room), Wyatt can not leave the Doctor's office without some sort of illness. And my darling husband can not tend to two sick children at the same time, especially when one isn't that "sick" and we don't want "Really Sick Wyatt" to infect "Not As Sick Reese."

So Wyatt has a fever, a snotty nose and a cough. I'm guessing that his immune system isn't as strong as other kids' his age because he's not in daycare and around sick kids, so he hasn't had to build up immunity to anything. He just hangs out with his buddies when they're all healthy. That's probably why coming in contact with germs at the Pediatrician's office gets him sick every time. I don't know, I just want it to end. Fortunately, I've got the fact that Friday Night Lights starts tonight getting me through the day :).

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