Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekend

We didn't do too much this weekend since both kids are recovering from colds. Reese was very tired at times, but her cough would wake her up. But she did love her brief moments of sleep cuddled up with her bunny and blanket...
On Friday Brian was home with the kids while I was at work. Wyatt is obsessed with putting on shoes (to the point that I've now started leaving my heels in our bedroom because he will put them on). He decided to put on Daddy's shoes and socks to keep comfy.
Friday afternoon I took Reese with Katie and I to get measured for our dresses for Marc and April's wedding. We then had to go back to my parents' house for Katie's guitar lesson. Since we were going to be gone, the boys went to Brian's parents' house to play. The kids and I (and Katie who spent the night) had a low key night while Brian went to the movies.
On Saturday Brian and Wyatt decided to read the new Newsweek together (we're obsessed with Newsweek).
Reese is getting very good at playing with her toys when she's exersaucering. This giraffe is great for a teething baby girl!
We also went to dinner at my parents' house for my Dad's birthday. Wyatt LOVED the cake. Today we've all been in organizational mode getting ready for the annual Super Bowl Party next weekend. The thought of people coming over is stressing me out, but it's always a good time. Reese, on the other, was low key, just hanging out!

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