Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's Rolling Over!

This afternoon Reese and I have been hanging out while her big brother's been taking a LONG nap (don't be jealous Ri!). Actually for a bit I had both kids down so that I could get some time in on the elliptical. I am kicking this weight off before my brother's wedding in June. I've lost all of my "Reese weight," but I've got 20 pounds to kick to get back down to my pre-Wyatt weight (I REALLY took advantage of being pregnant with him!). Then I'd like to lose another 15 pounds to get back to my skinniest weight ever. So I was waiting tables and working at the waterpark and never sleeping when I was at that weight, but I can get back there!

Anyway, I put Reese on her tummy for tummy time, and then I sat her up to see how she would do "sitting." She looked silly, like a little tripod with her hands between her legs supporting her. From the seated position she kind of ended up on her tummy, and then she ROLLED over! She's done it at least 5 times now, and she's right next to me on her back, trying to roll over on her tummy. Maybe that will happen soon! Here's some footage of her big moment!

1 comment:

  1. The rolling over is totally adorable! I can support your wanting to be like "pre-Wyatt," but losing 35 pounds? Be careful sweetie! Although (as my blog details), I am South Beaching...I, apparently, didn't need babies to ruin my figure -- I had stressful jobs and grad school and a general lack of a consistent schedule to do that for me! In any case, I'm just saying, and I'll speak for myself, but I'm not sure my "skinniest weight ever" was good for anything more than being 20 years old. I'm willing to leave it in the past and have a little fuel for the winter.