Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crying It Out

So Reese is now a week away from being 6 months old. I've never really gotten into a sleeping pattern with her. When Wyatt was 2 months old we started his bath-book-bed nighttime routine. He really responded to it, and even though we had a few setbacks (he did have to cry it out a few times, he started waking up at 4:30), he settled himself into a routine that we all count on every night.

I've been waiting to settle into a routine with Reese for several reasons. The first is that she's still my little baby girl that was in the NICU for 11 days. I don't like to be away from her. I like to make sure she's okay when she's sleeping. That means that she stays downstairs with me until we go upstairs to sleep. She has super sensitive skin, so I don't bathe her every night because I don't want her eczema (or whatever it is) to get too irritated. The final reason is one of practicality. Wyatt is routined. His day is set out for him. I need to keep him regimented and I just haven't figured out how to fit a routine for Reese into his, and so far she's just been pretty easygoing about her day.

But we need to start getting her regimented so that she knows what to expect now. I'm easing her into it, because next week another big thing will be happening to Miss Reesie Piecey. Next Wednesday she will be starting Rice Cereal for the first time. So I don't want to start a full out routine when it's going to be readjusted with cereal feedings and everything else. But tonight I gave her a bath, read to her, fed her and laid her down asleep. I went ahead and got Wyatt ready for bed, and as I predicted, she woke up. I tucked Wyatt in and went to check on her and soothe her, but then I left. It took about 30 minutes of me going in and soothing her, but she finally fell asleep. I know it's not going to be automatic, but I think she will really enjoy finally having a routine. Because I know I will.

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