Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was a pretty fun day in our house! We woke up around 7:30 (Wyatt actually slept in, so we weren't semi-awake for an hour before we actually went and got him). We all started the day with heart shaped pancakes...made by me. They're whole wheat and I also throw some milled flax seed in there. I figure if I start Wyatt with all this healthy stuff first, he won't know what he's missing! I do usually give him sugar free maple syrup, but we were out so I drizzled some honey on instead. Here are some of the pancakes in Wyatt's red bowl.
For Valentine's Day Wyatt got a Caillou DVD and a Thomas card. He loved them both. He wanted to watch Caillou immediately, and he liked it when Daddy read him his card.
After breakfast we made cupcakes (and yes, I threw the flax seed in these too, that way I convince myself that they're "healthy."). I took the recipe from the February issue of Parents. I am no where near as handy with frosting, but they turned out pretty cute.
The boys went to go get me flowers. When they came home, Wyatt came walking through the door with my roses in his hands. He ran over and brought them straight to me with the biggest smile on his face!
I picked out my actual present last Saturday. I've been looking around at diaper bags lately because I'm sick of carrying around a backpack and my other diaper bag is difficult to carry. I was looking for a cute, messenger style bag that would carry everything I needed for both kids and I found it! I absolutely love this bag, and I've been using it for the last week :).
In the afternoon we all got dressed up to go to Natalie's baptism. Reese wore her cute Restoration Hardware dress and she looked absolutely adorable. She was so well behaved too, I was very proud of her!
Reese had a great Valentine's Day!
To end his exciting day, Wyatt got to eat a cupcake while Daddy went to get us some sushi for dinner! I'd been looking forward to it all day, but I was pretty bummed when he got home with our order, but no Volcano roll on the house! Wyatt made a pretty good mess of himself though!

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