Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Is Up With These Breastfeeding Companies?

Two companies, both exceeding my expectations. Last month I blogged about Lansinoh and an excellent customer service experience that I had with them. This excellent experience resulted in me switching to their diaper rash cream because they put some in the package they sent me. And it is some amazing butt paste. But I digress. Today I called Medela and I have to say it was equally fantastic.

See, I've used the same pump for both kids. I need new tubing (you know, the tube that connects the actual pump to the bottles). Mine has been getting some condensation and I'm afraid its going to mildew. I've been looking everywhere for the tubes for about 2 weeks. They weren't at Target or Babies R' Us and I couldn't find any online.

So this morning I called the company. The nice rep on the phone said she would send me the tubing for free! Awesome. I just can't tell you how important customer service is to me, and I can't tell you how nice it is to feel like a valued customer. I worked on the phones as a service rep for about a year and a half (to be honest, I hated it and when the shot at my current job came I snatched it up) and I know how trying it can be, but I also know how important it is. This experience really made my day. Seriously...

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  1. Technically, aren't they Breastfeeding Supply Companies? Because wouldn't a Breastfeeding Company, you?

    (Come on now, you know I couldn't pass that one up.)

    Glad to hear they're so user-friendly, though. I was really happy with the products from both for the two whole months I was in the Lactose Production game, myself... ;)