Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, there are a few updates that I've (accidentally) left off of the blog. The first pretty big one around here is that Wyatt has finally had some peanut butter. That's right. He's one month away from his second birthday and he had peanut butter for the first time last weekend. In case you can't tell, we follow Dr. Jones' recommendations to the T. That's why we wait until 6 months to give baby food, waited until he was over a year to put him to sleep with a blanket, and never put them to bed on their bellies. Yeah, there's that while co-sleeping thing, but it's only for an hour (or two...or the whole night after she wakes up...). I figure our Pediatrician is a pretty educated guy who raised three daughters of his own, so he probably knows what he's doing! Anyway, Dr. Jones said we could give it to him anytime after 18 months. We wanted to wait until 21 months, just in case. So we were all hyped to give him peanut butter, but then had to be more concerned about Salmonella poisoning than a peanut allergy! I'm happy to report that he's had the peanut butter, loves it, and will definitely eat more if he's anything like his Daddy.

Reese started jumping in her Jumparoo this week and she LOVES it. She hasn't mastered bouncing yet, but she does like the toys and music. Another family member that we didn't expect to love the jumper, but has definitely taken a liking to it, is Monkey. Anytime that Reese isn't hanging out in her jumper, Monkey probably is. He apparently also likes to use it as a swing, because Wyatt pushes him around in it and says "Weeeeee" a lot. And yes, we do consider Monkey to be a family member. He even eats dinner with us. I just have to keep him away from the peanut butter.

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  1. Hey, I think you use my pediatrician. Whoops - I mean my BOYS pediatrician - I think I'm too old to need a ped!

    Great to find another Va beach blogger!