Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making Dinner

With the beginning of Reese's exposure to solids approaching, I decided to start getting her vegetables ready. I know it's easy to go out and buy Gerber baby food, and I do use it for some feedings, but it's also a lot cheaper (and easier) to make some food. When Wyatt was starting solids, I had an ice cube-like tray that I froze his food in. The only problem was the only way to get the food out was to crack the cubes and everything came tumbling out. Last week I went ahead and ordered these from One Step Ahead. I didn't plan on making her baby food yet because she'll be on the cereal for a few weeks, but I had carrots that needed to be eaten, so I decided to make Reese's first veggies.

"Yummy! Veggies!"

When I first started making Wyatt's baby food I bought this book. He loved practically everything that I made him. The carrot recipe was pretty easy, I just steamed the carrots, mixed them with a little butter (the fat actually makes them more nutritious because of something with the beta-carotene) and threw them in the blender to puree. I then divided the carrots into the little cups and voila, veggies for Reese!

Well, sort of. Wyatt hasn't been the biggest fan of veggies since he started eating actual food. So last night I went all Jessica Seinfeld on him and snuck the pureed carrots in his spaghetti sauce. He didn't know the difference. At least I don't think he did, because he asked for seconds, then thirds, and then fourths. I'm going to have start sneaking more food into his dinner....

"More pizza-sketti please Daddy?"

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