Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Hockey Game!

On Monday I was out running about a million errands with the kids, and while I was listening to (my new obsession) ESPN Radio I heard that our local station was giving away free tickets to the Norfolk Admirals last night. The kids and I were nearby so we picked some up. Brian and I have been talking about taking Wyatt to a game all season, and this was a great free opportunity. Last night we left Reese with her grandparents and the three of us went to the hockey game!

First let me say, that Wyatt amazes me. On our way to the hockey game he was telling us about everything we passed, and what was coming up. He saw the tall buildings in the distance and then said "Oh, here comes the church with the clock Daddy!" We take this same exit to get to the zoo and we talked about that church the last time we got off the interstate, but it's been at least a month and half since we last went!

Once we got to the parking lot we all got out to walk, and I think one of the first things that we thought was "Is this what it's like to only have one kid?" It was so easy to get him out of the car and inside. He listened so well, and did a great job holding our hands and walking with us. I couldn't believe it. When we had one it seemed crazy, and then we had two and we adjusted, and now having only one seems like a break!

We got to our seats just as the game started. Approximately 15 seconds after we sat down there was a fight (or a "play fight" as Wyatt called it). Once they were actually playing again, Wyatt couldn't take his eyes off the ice. He loved watching the puck, and he asked a ton of questions. Most of his questions were goalie related, like why he wore a mask, why he had on all that stuff, why he didn't skate like everyone else. I couldn't answer any of his questions because the extent of my hockey knowledge is that I've seen The Mighty Ducks a million times. Now that I think about it, I've never heard Mike & Mike or Colin Cowherd even talk about hockey. But Wyatt absolutely loved every second and actually sat down and watched it. It was a completely different experience than our trips to Harbor Park last summer, but he's also a lot older now. I can only imagine what he's going to be like at baseball games this summer!

The boys having a little chat about the game
We were down pretty low, so Wyatt learned to watch the TV when he couldn't see the ice (I seriously love this ESPN sweatshirt. This is his second one, and it is adorable. We got them both at Downtown Disney).
Learning about the goalie!
Wyatt and I. He's eating popcorn and showing off his super cool hockey shirt.
The boys watching the game!
Tomorrow we close on the new house! We are really excited and ready to move, but I'm guessing that posts this weekend will be sporadic at best. After closing in the afternoon, we plan to empty our first POD (because the second is being delivered Saturday) and have our fans put up. It is going to be a crazy weekend because Wyatt also starts swimming lessons on Sunday! At least Target has swim suits out now, because I don't know if I'll find his by Sunday!
Finally, apparently it's delurking day. So if you're reading this, let me know. Show yourselves!

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  1. Good luck with the house closing! Its a beautiful house. AND I did not speed in the escort, HAHAHA.