Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Carolyn and Darcy have been my good friends since high school. Back then we got to see each other all the time, whether it was in class or the foyer or at each other's homes after school. These days we rarely get to see one another, and when we do it's never all three of us at the same time!

In high school we would hang out and do each other's make up (this was usually done in math class. We had our own little Clinique counter at our table. And no, I'm not kidding you). Or we would hang out and do homework, because there was a never ending mountain to be done. You know, teenage stuff.

Three and a half years ago Darcy came from DC and Carolyn flew all the way from Utah to be in our wedding! I was so happy that they were both able to come and be there on my wedding day.
We've all seen each other once or twice since then, but we were finally able to all be in the same room over Christmas! Of course, this reunion included three kids (Carolyn's daughter Brooke and obviously Wyatt and Reese), but we had a great time! On this visit I was surprised that Reese was more interested in playing alone while Wyatt and Brooke played together. The girls have always had fun playing before, so I thought that they would have played more together. Reese still had a fun time though, taking off her shoes and asking for cookies!

But once the break was over the girls had to go back to their homes far, far away. Hopefully we'll all get together again soon!

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