Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Can Play with Star Wars Toys Too!

Buying Wyatt Star Wars bath toys was probably one of our best investments ever. He loves to play with them, and while he can tell us what they all say (thanks to an iPhone app, his R2D2 is hysterical), he also likes to pretend that they're other people. Two weeks ago, for example, Chewbacca was Johnny Damon. Who knew?
We haven't ever talked to Wyatt about guns (is there a need to at two? We don't exactly have NBA players over very often. We're more into baseball where they carry around bats), so he thinks that Chewbacca and Storm Trooper are carrying around guitars. Since they have guitars they must be in a band, right? Apparently C3-PO sings and Han Solo plays the drums. Yeah. At least I don't have to worry about his imagination.

Reese has become a big fan of the Star Wars toys recently as well. The other night she had a blast playing with them, and if you ask her what Darth Vader says she roars. It's hysterical. I would like her to play with more girly things (which means I should probably get her some girly bath toys), but she has such a good time! See?

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