Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Snow has blanketed everything in sight! I went out yesterday afternoon to take a few pictures of the neighborhood. Since we live around construction sites there are a lot of random things that you typically wouldn't see in a neighborhood, and it was funny to capture a few shots of things around us!
The workers need a bathroom right? Today it's blanketed in snow, last week it was blown over by wind!
A lot was cleared to lay foundation the other day....
Miss Utility came to mark our yard for the installation of our sprinkler system, sod and fencing on Friday. Of course, the snow has pushed all of that back!
The "snowscaping" in the front yard!
My new rain boots purchased just for this occasion, but will continue to be useful in the parking lot at work. My feet are soaked every time I walk in that building in the rain!
The backyard. In the distance you can see buses parked at the local "primary" school, which is where Wyatt and Reese will go. I have no experience at all with the primary and intermediate school system because I just went to elementary school, but I guess we shall see one day.

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