Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Knew Getting a New Washer Could be This Much Fun?

On Saturday Brian's parents' washer died. It had a nice long life, but it was time to replace it. They went out looking and a new one was scheduled for delivery yesterday (during the football games).

When that truck came, you probably would have thought Christmas came two weeks late in this place. Wyatt was super excited to see the truck, but then he got to watch them take away the old washer and bring in the new one while sitting on top of the dryer. This kid was in seventh heaven. It was all fun and games during the drop off, but when it came time to get it installed, Wyatt was very serious about this stuff!

When the delivery man walked out the door with the old washer Wyatt said "Hey, where's him going?" (We're trying to work on the whole pronoun thing). When he used the restroom, Wyatt let us all know that "That man is going pee pee." And of course, when the nice guy left, Wyatt wouldn't even look him in the eye and say good bye!

Waiting for the new washer to come!
This is soooo exciting!
This stuff is very serious!
In other big news, today we signed Wyatt up for his very first swimming class! Wyatt is going to be taking swimming lessons with his good friend Tyler every Sunday. I know that we don't have a pool anymore (Thank goodness!), but it's still incredibly important to Brian and I that he learn to swim safely without the assistance of any other flotation devices. This pre-school class will teach him to float on his back and get to the side of the pool. After that we'll see. We're not looking for him to be the next Michael Phelps or anything!

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