Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Swimming Lesson!

Tonight Wyatt had his very first swimming lesson! We've been talking about signing him up, and when we found out that his friend Tyler was taking the class we decided to sign him up too.

On the way to the class Brian and I were both really nervous about how he was going to do. While he's not home exclusively with one of us, he's never been left alone with any one but his grandparents until just this past week. I left him at Tyler's house so that I could go to the doctor, and he didn't even miss me! I was worried that he would react poorly to his instructor, or that he wouldn't want to swim. Brian was worried that the instructor wouldn't watch him closely and he'd end up underwater.

I have to say, he did a fantastic job. He grabbed the girl's hand as soon as she offered it, and he walked right in the pool with her. As soon as he got in she told him to hold onto the wall and kick, and he loved it. He spent the entire time smiling and having fun. He even jumped in once! I never let him jump in at the old house because I didn't want him to think it was something he could do without one of us, but he didn't even give it a second thought. He loved every minute of that class! Besides the kicking, he practiced "swimming" to the middle of the pool to get a ball, he held onto the noodle and kicked, and he even held onto the pool wall while his instructor helped the other little girl.

When class was over they handed out certificates for his level, and they get a sticker for each week that they "pass." Wyatt got his certificate and a sticker for passing week one! We asked Shannon if they hand them out to everyone (she works for the swim league), and she said that they don't. There were even some kids in his class who didn't get one!

As soon as the boys changed and came out Wyatt said he was ready to go back for more swimming. He is so excited to go back next week, and I am getting so exited for the summer time when we can take him in the pool at my parents' house, or to the Waterpark to visit Daddy! We are so proud of him!

Getting ready to go in the pool.
Practicing his kicking!
Grabbing his noodle to float on in the pool.
Holding his certificate.
The student center at Virginia Wesleyan (or "Daddy's school" as it is now known) has an aquarium. Reese was actually the member of our family who first noticed this. We walked by and she shouted "Fish! Fish!"

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