Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

We have gotten more snow in the last 12 hours than I can remember ever seeing! The last time we even got close to this much snow I was thirteen and in the eighth grade, and we were out of school for a week. We had to have a Saturday make up day, which sucked. I think my Junior Regional Orchestra concert got cancelled because of it too! We had a little snow about 8 years ago and Brian, Noelle and I spent the day at his park sledding on inner tubes and down slides with our friends. That's the beauty of having a Wrangler. You can drive in anything (which I wouldn't know because I've never actually driven it - period.). I'm surprised Brian hasn't tried to take it on a trip yet today! Without the kids and I of course. Car seats don't fit in there (and he doesn't have one of those new safe models).

Wyatt and Reese were both really excited to see the snow when they woke up this morning. Wyatt started asking to play in it immediately, which we declined. He then said it was okay, he would go play in it when it got "warmer." Well, we definitely didn't wait for "warmth" since it's going to continue to snow for the rest of the day and into the night.

We decided to take both kids out, but who knew it would take 15 minutes to get them ready? They both had on three or four layers of clothes and coats and wore their rainboots out. Wyatt started making snowballs almost as soon as he walked out the door. And when I say "snowballs," I mean he was pretty much picking up snow and throwing it, not actually waiting for the formation of the actual "ball."

Reese on the other hand kept toppling over because her boots are too big and every time she moves she falls down! She had fun touching the snow for about 5 minutes, but then her boot issue became a little too difficult. She was trying to make snow angels with Wyatt and I and her boots came right off!

The boys stayed outside for about 45 minutes and even got to meet one of our new neighbors and his dog. Right now most people don't have gates and there are a lot of empty lots, so even when we're in our backyard people walk by through the empty lots. It's kind of nice though. In this picture we're in our backyard, and there is a train track behind the two homes in the distance. We've been able to see three trains since we moved in, which Wyatt LOVES. Of course we'll be putting up a fence soon, so we may not be able to see it for much longer!
The boys will probably go out after naptime while the girls stay inside. I've made French Onion dip, chocolate chip cookies and currently have this sitting in my crock pot for dinner! I will probably also break open a bottle of wine at some point this evening (not actually break. I mean, I was a bartender. I can actually open it).
And one more piece of news: Reese has now gone to the bathroom in the potty 4 times! I've heard from a lot of people (including my own Mom, embarrassingly enough since I'm the oldest) that if you have two kids close in age they usually end up being potty trained around the same time because the older one wants to keep being a "baby" and the younger one wants to be like their older sibling. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that because that will clear up quite a few bucks in the budget (and potentially clear the way for Baby #3 :))!


  1. So fun. How much snow did you guys get in total?

  2. Thanks! Brooke, I think it's about 10 inches! It is crazy out, but the kids are having the best time!