Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day in My Life

This is an old post (like, I've added another child since then!), but I figured it was a good one to link up with Kelly today because this is still my life.  Every. Single. Day. :)

I know my hard working husband sometimes wonders what goes on during my day at home. I'm sure he thinks it's all roses and sunshine and that I get to bask in the lovely hour and a half of nap time that I'm afforded every day*. I know other people who think that staying home with the kids is easy work**. Yeah, instead I've chosen to document my complete day. Soak this up haters***.

*My husband actually loves that I stay home with the kids, and only on the very rare occasion does he actually ask what I do with my time during the day. Like when he needs clean socks and can't find any. Because they're below the piles and piles of other clothes on our closet floor.
**Actually I know none of these people. But those people are out there. Somewhere.
***I really don't actually think I have "haters." I just like the way it sounds.

1:00 am - Hudson's crying in his bassinet. Wake up! Wow, he's doing a really great job sleeping in there. Time to eat. Ew, he stinks. I need a diaper. Darn it Brittney, you were supposed to grab more diapers on the way to bed! Hudson cries while I get more diapers. And water. I need some water. Change the baby. Swaddle him back up. Start to feed him. Sweet. I fell asleep after catching the last 15 minutes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now the beginning is on. Let's see how far I can make it into the episode before I can lay him back down.

1:45 am - I think I watched about 30 minutes. Hudson and I both fell asleep while he was eating. I lay him back down, turn off the TV and go to sleep.

4:00 am - Sounds like Hudson's hungry again. Diaper change, feeding. Hey! He's not really hungry! He's done by 4:15. I'm terrified that if I put him in his bassinet he'll wake up. And then he'll realize that he's basically been asleep for 10 hours (minus the feedings) and want to wake up. Spend 15 minutes debating whether I should put him in his swing or bassinet. I slip him in his swing. I need the extra two hours this is going to buy me.

6:45 am - Hudson's awake for the day. I can hear Brian on the other side of the house reading books to Reese and Wyatt. He's probably been up for half an hour. Hudson and I sit in bed and eat until Brian comes in the room to get ready for work.

7:00 am - I make another waffle for Reese, which she probably won't eat. Get her dressed. I'm not ready to fight Wyatt to get out of his jammies yet.

8:00 am - Hudson goes down for his first nap and I turn off the TV. Coffee. Reese and I start working on her pre school workbook. After she's done Wyatt and I work on his tracing.

8:40 am - The kids and I go to the playroom to work on letters. Wyatt does a really good job tracing A's, but he's driving me crazy with his distractions. He knows for a fact that "Darth Vader" doesn't start with an A. They both name all the letters in their name and then start playing with the chalk board.

9:00 am - Wyatt plays in the play room while Reese reads a book on the potty. I take advantage of the quiet time to fold a load of laundry and attempt to start another.

9:15 am - Someone screams while I fold laundry. I break it up. Then Reese asks me to sit with her and read to her.

10:00 am - Still waiting for Reese to go to the bathroom when Hudson cries. While getting Hudson out of his swing I see Wyatt run into the bathroom and take out the seat insert and his stool. He doesn't sit to pee, so I hold off on feeding Hudson until Wyatt is done so I can clean him up.

10:00:35 am - Approximately 10 seconds after Wyatt shuts the bathroom door I hear, "Uh Mom?! We have a problem in the bathroom." I take another 10 seconds to figure out how I can find another Mom to take care of whatever this problem is. Then I put the baby in his Bumbo. He continues to cry.

10:01 am - I walk in the bathroom and find that Wyatt has peed over basically every surface imaginable. He didn't remember to push his you know what down and instead it basically fired off urine like a fire hose. He is covered, the floor is covered and the white stand with picture frames is also covered. I regret giving him that cup of Orange Juice. I grab a towel and clean the floor. Then I wipe off Wyatt's body while he continues his actual reason for coming into the bathroom. Then I assess the white stand. It can be wiped off, but not the picture frames. The urine has soaked through to the pictures. Trash those, take the frames to the kitchen for cleaning. Start the tub.

10:05 am - I change the baby while Wyatt finishes up. He runs across the house to his bathroom while I put the new diaper on.

10:07 am - "Mom there's poop in this tub!" Of course there is. You ran and jumped in before you got wiped. I pick up the Bumbo and then the baby. We go to the bathroom to clean up and restart the water. Might as well bathe Wyatt while I'm up.

10:08 am - Reese has been miraculously seated on the potty through this entire ordeal. She runs in to tell me that she actually peed.

10:15 am - I finish cleaning Wyatt and pick up the baby. I turn on the TV. I find a centralized location (the floor in the family room) where I can watch Wyatt play in the tub, and make sure Reese doesn't get into anything while I feed the baby. I get Hudson situated (poor guy has been crying now for 15 minutes) and then realize Reese has no pants on.

10:17 am - Finally start feeding Hudson.

10:40 am - Wyatt seems to be "shribled" and ready to exit the tub. Hudson's all done eating so I put him in his bouncer. Dry Wyatt off and dress him. Go back to the living room and play with Hudson while the big kids watch Diego.

10:50 am - Hudson is cooing and being really cute. I turn on the Flip so that I can get some footage of his cuteness. He starts to coo and Reese punches Wyatt. He screams and pulls her hair. Both kids wail. So much for cute footage of Hudson.

10:55 am - I'm running late on snack time. I stick half the number of Goldfish I normally would in a bowl and hope they don't notice. I want them to eat their lunch. Wyatt goes to the fridge to get more Orange Juice and notices the pizza box. He announces that he is having pizza for lunch. Reese announces that if Wyatt is having pizza for lunch, then she is having pizza for lunch. That was supposed to be MY lunch!!

11:01 am - Hudson starts to cry. Well he has been awake for an hour. Time to get swaddled and go back to sleep

11:15 am - With Hudson asleep and the kids snacking I'm finally able to actually get that load of laundry put away and the other one in the washer.

11:43 am - "Mommy I want my lunch NOW!" Our discussion about how we don't actually ask for things that way turns the above phrase into "Mommy, can I please have my pizza now?"

11:56 am - I make Reese try to pee before she eats, but she insists she doesn't have to. If she doesn't try she'll have peanut butter and jelly instead.

11:58 am - Reese pees.

12:00 pm - I put the pizza on the table and Wyatt runs off. To pee. Again.

12:45 pm - While I'm folding laundry, Reese throws her bowl on the floor. With pineapple juice in it. Wyatt calls me down the hall and then lets his sister know that she's in big trouble because that was naughty.

12:50 pm - Reese goes down for her nap. I know that it's useless because she's still not sleeping. But I can try to get her to take a nap and at least keep her contained for a bit right?

1:00 pm - Wyatt goes down for his nap. He might actually sleep.

1:16 pm - Reese is being loud so I go in to quiet her down. She also looks like she might be contemplating climbing out of the crib. I turn the short side against the wall and tell her to really try to take a nap.

1:17 pm - Wyatt comes out of his room to find out what I'm doing in Reese's room, and also wants to let me know that Emperor Zurg starts with an "E."

1:19 pm - Wyatt comes back out of his room to let me know that Wolf starts with a "W" just like his name, and robot starts with and "R" just like Reese.

1:21 pm - As I start researching options for black out curtains for Reese's room, Wyatt comes out again to let me now that "P-p-pillow starts with P!"

1:27 pm -Reese calls me to let me know she needs to pee.

1:30 pm - Wyatt walks out of his room, sees Reese's open door and asks, "Since when is she allowed to wake up?" Then he lets me know that "W-w-water starts with W" and goes back to bed.

1:33pm - Reese goes back to bed (without peeing). I start to fold laundry.

1:35 pm - Hudson wakes up and Wyatt walks out of his room and asks if I have an attitude.

1:45 pm - Hudson woke up because the neighbors are having their yard landscaped (jack hammered). I turn on his music and give him his pacifier and he seems to fall back to sleep.

1:47 pm - If Wyatt is still awake I might as well start a load of laundry (I don't start it while he sleeps because they washer is on the other side of the wall from his bed). He runs out to tell me he heard it and I woke him up. And that he put his blanket away because he doesn't need to sleep with it. Yeah right. I put him back down again.

2:00 pm - Reesie screams "I'm pooping!" just as the jack hammer next door goes off and Hudson starts crying. I go get her because I think the pooping might be why she's not napping lately and get her situated on the potty before I go turn Hudson's music back on and give him his pacifier. Wyatt takes this opportunity to run out of his room and tell me he needs to poop too. I tell him he doesn't use poop as an excuse to get out of bed (he's already pooped today, obviously) and he needs to go back to his room. He then runs out and says, "Hey Mommy, did you know that J-j-jeep starts with J?" After I tell him that I did know that and that I still want him in bed he says, "You didn't know that, did you Mom?" And runs to his room.

2:18 pm - Not sure if Hudson started crying because I flushed the toilet or because the jack hammer is going off again. Music, pacifier, done.

2:24 pm- Wyatt walks out of his room and says "Good Morning Mommy." Yeah right kid, go back to sleep.

3:21 pm - I can Reese talking in her room. She hasn't gone to sleep, but she's at least being quiet. Wyatt fell asleep about 45 minutes ago and Hudson is still asleep. I've managed to clean up the family room and fold a load of laundry. Oh, and I took out the trash and checked the mail.

3:33 pm - Reese starts screaming in her room. She managed to get her foot stuck between the bars in her crib. Once I take it out she smiles and says "I'm ready to get up." Hudson is crying. I get Reese a snack and juice to contain her while I feed her brother.

3:41 pm - I've fed and changed Hudson when I realize that if Wyatt wakes up in the next 15 minutes he will want a snack. That would be inconvenient for me. I either put Hudson down to get Wyatt a snack or listen to Wyatt ask 8 million times for a snack. I make a snack and juice and put it on the table for him.

4:00 pm - Hudson is finished eating. Wyatt wakes up. I turn on Team Umizoomi for the kids. I hit publish because I know this is already way too long :). Oh yeah, and there's a chance I might actually get something done with the TV on.


  1. I'm pretty sure that post convinced me that one child is plenty! And even he often seems like too many.

    Did you find some blackout curtains? We ordered ours from Amazon and they are great!

  2. oh my goodness girl, I am in the process of writing a day in my life on my blog as well, and mine is nothing as crazy as yours! It makes me a little nervous for when my little one gets here and I have a toddler needing potty and naps! haha :) you are a great mommy! i

  3. Brittney! Your post had me and my husband cracking up because we could relate! Wyatt's pulls all the same stunts Ruby does!

  4. Wow, what a day! I loved reading about it!


  5. I love reading a recap of your typical day! I'm 33 weeks pregnant and am wondering what my day is going to be like once my little man arrives!