Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Many Faces of Reese

Reese is one of the funniest people I know. Wyatt is funny too, but a lot of Wyatt's personality and jokes are direct results of him being like his Daddy. Reese's brand of funny is entirely her own, and actually it's pretty amazing coming from a two year old!

One of the funniest things about her is the faces that she makes. She has about a million little looks that she gives us when she's excited, happy, proud, bossy or just plain silly. Her sad faces are also incredibly dramatic and over the top. Here are a few...

The only time this week she would actually look at me and smile. I am still amazed by how blue her eyes are. It's crazy that Brian and I both have dark eyes and she's got those bright blues.
This is her mischievous look. We get this look a lot.
Please Mommy. Don't take my picture.
Sad that I am taking her picture. Which I wouldn't do if she wasn't being silly and wearing her hat in the house. (Although with the bitter cold I can't really blame her.)
And here is Wyatt. You're probably wondering what in the world he is doing. He's deejaying. Yes. Deejaying. One of his new favorite shows (shoot me in the head) is The Fresh Beat Band. It drives me crazy. I don't really dislike any of the shows they watch - except that one. And musically, I would rather listen to the Imagination Movers any day of the week, which is one of the reasons were taking the big kids to see them in May. Plus they actually play instruments. But Wyatt seems to enjoy deejaying, and I guess I won't stop him from doing it at three!

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