Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Make a Little Boy's Day

Wyatt has been amazingly good lately. He has some minor tantrums occasionally and can be a little rude sometimes, but overall, he is incredibly helpful and listens to us the majority of the time. I think that he has really enjoyed being the "big brother" since Hudson was born and likes to show us how good he can be.

This morning in the midst of getting us all out the door to get him to school on time, he came and asked me if I could please pack his lunch so he could take it to school. I told him that he couldn't take his lunch to school since he comes home before lunch, but promised that if he came home with a stamp today I would serve him his lunch in his lunch box.

Sure enough he came to the car with a stamp, but with a sad face. He'd also gotten a sticker for "dancing" and it had fallen off on his way to the car. I told him I would give him a sticker when we got home and that he'd also earned his lunch in his lunch box. His face lit up immediately.

Super excited to eat his lunch from his lunch box!
Opening it...
He wanted the plate packed in the bag. I figured I would oblige so as not to be cleaning crumbs out of the bag.
His stamp and the sticker he got at home. He was very happy when I told him that the stamp said "cool," because that it what he thinks he is. If someone tells him he's cute he corrects them and says that "Boys are cool, girls are cute."

I also figured I would share a few sweet little things he's told me over the last few days:
"Mommy, I'm always happy when you're around me."
"Mommy, I think you're pretty. Can I stay up for a few more minutes please?"
After being reminded not to run in the house: "Okay Mommy. Watch, I'll go back over here and try again."
"Mommy, I was watching TV, but I came in here because Hudson was crying. I don't like to listen to my little buddy crying."

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