Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wisdom from Wyatt

This picture sums up my hatred of our camera - something really funky is going on with the flash and it's taking bad pictures. I think a new one is on the horizon.
This little boy cracks me up. Today I picked him up from school and he was suspiciously missing his hand stamp. He used to get stickers on his calender for a good day, but the teacher realized that the kids responded really well to getting stamps - so that's what he's been getting recently. Well today the stamp wasn't there.

I asked him once he was all buckled in why he didn't get a stamp today. Here are the answers that I received:
  • I didn't clean up nicely
  • I used the scissors correctly! Mom, I cut out tiny little mittens, just right for my hands!
  • Um, Mom, I think Ms Cindy didn't give me a stamp because we have some at home. She thought it would be nice for the children to get stamps at home.
  • Mom, I shared today, but Xavier didn't. So I didn't get a stamp.

I only asked one time where his stamp was. And this is what he came back at me with. And then I had to point out that there is no one named Xavier in his class. Xavier is a character on Caillou. I think he thought that I didn't know who Xavier was, because after I pointed that out he just started laughing and said he didn't clean up and that was why he didn't get a hand stamp. I don't think that he is so much lying to avoid trouble (because he did tell the truth, and he knows he's not supposed to lie), I think his imagination is just so active that he tries to think of all the things he could possibly do that would result in no stamp. He is such a silly kid (who has been doing really well in school over the last two week - minus the hand stamp thing today)!

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