Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Laid Back Weekend

We had yet another weekend where we just kind of hung around the house. It is way too cold outside to take one kid out, let alone three! On Friday night Brian and I got to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which I thought was pretty amazing. I am seriously a huge Harry Potter geek. I didn't jump on the band wagon until just before The Order of the Phoenix came out, but I read the last three books in the twelve hours after their release. And yes, that does include staying up all night to read them. I am now incredibly excited to see the last half, and I'm also contemplating re-reading the books. For the eight millionth time.

Saturday we Targeted and spent the afternoon at the house. I tried to watch Eclipse during naptime, but it didn't work out too well. I think I'll try it again this week while Brian's at work. It's hard to watch something like that when you know your husband is internally joking everything that happens on the screen.

Hudson practiced his rolling skills. He can go from back to side, but he hasn't made the turn to his tummy yet. In all honesty though, there's only about 20 minutes in between naps where he doesn't want to be swaddled and even gets to practice this.
Reese enjoys "helping" keep his pacifier in his mouth!

We went over my parents' house for dinner and to watch the football game. My dad got the kids a tent to play in which was a big hit. Reese kept running in to tell us that we weren't allowed in the tent!

Yesterday we stayed home all day. Here's some pictures of Hudson - Reese and Wyatt are going through a phase where they aren't into having their pictures taken (it's probably recovery from the Disney trip - ha!), and Hudson is much more compliant. And the pictures we did take of Wyatt and Reese this weekend were of them making a ridiculous mess while taking a bath - and two things I don't share in blog land are my last name and my kids in the bath!! Ha!

This picture cracks me up because it is so typical. Hudson goes in his crib and at some point whimpers a bit and falls back to sleep. Whenever he whimpers big sister Reesie runs and gets one of his musical toys - his glo worm or his seahorse or his little Scout. Sometimes she grabs all three!
And finally, yesterday I spent the day cleaning the kitchen while Brian put this up in the hallway that leads from the kitchen to the garage. My laundry room and huge storage closet are also on this hallway, and it seemed like the perfect place for it. I'm really excited that it gives me a place to see two months at a glance, a place to keep mail and other documents that we need to have out and a place to tac up pictures and things. My brother pointed out yesterday that baby Brick's due date wasn't on here - I asked him for the exact date (I couldn't decide between the 23rd or the 25th), but he didn't get back to me, so the last week of February is now just marked - Brick is coming!

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