Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty Quiet Weekend

Our weekend was pretty low key. Brian had to work all day Friday (and it looks like his 4 day work weeks are over a little earlier than usual), so the kids and I hung out at home all day. I feel like I got nothing accomplished last week with the kids, but that's mostly because I spent a lot of time holding Hudson. A lot. And it was awesome. I'm working hard to catch up on laundry and everything this week, but I'm also planning to enjoy more snuggle time with my little Tig.

Brian and I caught up on some DVR'd shows on Friday night (so excited to see Cristina when the ambulance doors opened on Grey's on Thursday, so not excited with anything on SVU this year), and apparently he was craving something sweet. I told him that all he was missing was the ice cream - which happens to be the most enjoyable part in my humble opinion.

(all of these photos are from my iPhone. I freaking hate our regular camera right now.)

On Friday night our baby swing died. For real. It would swing fine if there was no baby in it - but that's not really the point of a baby swing is it? Fortunately we racked up $32 in R Us rewards over Christmas and had a $20 off coupon for swings - so we saved $52 on this puppy. But honestly, we're probably spending $15 a month (at least) on batteries for this thing, so we were more than happy to get one that plugs in so we can save a few bucks on batteries!

And Hudson loves it! It's basically the same swing as our older one, just more updated. With fancy buttons. And bunny ears above Hudson's head. Ooooooh, aaaaaah. This one is kind of blurry, but I love his little smile!
And he fell asleep! And sleep is another reason we got this. Yes - Hudson sleeps in it - a lot - but the old one had also gotten really loud and creaky - and it actually kept Brian awake on Friday night! He's usually not one to go out and buy something immediately (he would usually say we should wait a bit to see if the other swing would just magically start working again one day), but after it kept him up he was on board for buying a new one!
On Saturday we also got a lot of Christmas cleaned up. It took forever, but most of the stuff is gone. Baby Jesus also went missing from the Little People Advent calender, so we spent a bit of time searching for him. It turns out that, according to Reese, Baby Jesus likes to feel snuggled in the couch cushions. Anyway, I just have to finish taking down the real tree (which my mom started for me yesterday) and get a few odds and ends packed up, as well as the outside stuff. And then Christmas is over!

My mom watched the kids for us yesterday so that we could go to a movie and an early dinner. I still haven't seen Harry Potter (which is like, unheard of for me), but it wasn't showing early enough at any local theaters. I've really wanted to see The Fighter since I saw Mark Wahlberg on Sixty Minutes a few weeks ago, so we decided to see that instead.
It was really, really good. Christian Bale deserves an Oscar for his performance in this movie as Mark Wahlberg's crack addict older brother. I actually even enjoyed the boxing scenes, and I'm not one to watch boxing with Brian on HBO or anything. I just could not believe that Christian Bale was the same guy who was in one of my all time favorite movies - Newsies. Seriously. I know every word to that movie by heart - dialogue and songs. Love it!

After the movie we went to Just George's to watch the first half of the Eagles/Packers game. I'm pretty sure that Wyatt has turned his back on his Dad's favorite team (and I'm pretty sure that after last week Brian is also about to lose interest in the Dolphins) and has decided that the "Green Bean Packers" are his favorite team. This is probably acceptable for football (since he didn't switch to the Jets), but there is no question about his favorite baseball team!

This week I have some more organizing/purging to get done, as well as a bunch of chores! I'm also starting a more structured preschool time with the kids every day, so that's going to take a bit of time and effort. I just have a goal for Reese to breeze through preschool at a faster clip than Wyatt next year! We'll see how this goes....

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