Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reese's Room!

I'm pretty sure that Brian thought I was out of my mind on Sunday when I left the house with Reese to pick out paint for her room. Mainly because the Packers/Bears game was on, but also because he had no idea how I was going to find time to paint!

We (meaning Reese and I) picked out a pink shade and a green shade to try out. Her old room was green, but she requested we try for pink (well and purple but that wasn't happening). The pink was a no go....
I love, love, loved the green in her old room, but this shade is a little darker (I had it color matched to her sheet)...
and I love it!
It's amazing what a coat (two) of paint, some new curtains and an area rug can do to a room.
Her room is mostly green (obviously) and pink with purple and yellow accents.
Her cubbies are relatively new, but a decent way to keep some toys in her room (and out of the playroom - ha).
Most importantly, Reese loves her new room! She walked in it and said "Mom! My new room! I love it Mom!" SHE CRACKS ME UP! I also feel like I'm starting to get the house together. Since we moved in I have literally done nothing to make this place feel more like home. No pictures on walls or anything! But now I feel pretty motivated to keep on trucking - at a slower pace because this redecorating thing isn't cheap!

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