Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yes, This is About Christmas (Still)

But Happy New Year! We didn't do much to ring in 2011. Brian and I went out to dinner with Pete and Shannon (we usually do) and then went to Dave's sister's house (usually it's at his mom's house). We left at 11 and were home by 11:30. We had fun, but we definitely didn't do anything crazy :). But we've always been low key for New Year's!

Wyatt had school today for the first time in three weeks! His last day of school was cancelled because of snow, so we missed his Christmas program and he missed his party. Today he came home with a ton of his December crafts. and his presents that he made for us! Looking at all this stuff you wouldn't believe that he was only in school 4 days in all of December, but he was! He missed the second week while we were in Disney and then only had one day before the snow day! Don't get me started on the fact that I basically paid $50 a day for school. Yeah. Fortunately all the days school is closed interrupt the 3 day kids!

His first craft - a beautifully painted Christmas tree!
The countdown stops at 7. She probably didn't want to overload him with gluing all the days he missed when he got back and then there was no school :(
His precious little foot and hands became Rudolph!
He also made this ornament the first day of the month. Looks super cute between Mommy and Daddy's handmade ornaments - mine was made by me (in 1992) and Brian's was made by his grandfather.
So cute!
This might weigh down the tree a bit, so we put it on the entertainment center :)
His sweet little hand print.
I can only imagine what we would have if he hadn't missed three days! We are getting ready to sign him up for school next year - and Reese as well! I can't believe we're already signing them up. But I remember all too well that it seemed like it would be ages before Wyatt would start school and now we're already halfway through the year!

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