Monday, August 1, 2011

Interview with Wyatt

I interviewed Wyatt right after Reese (mainly because he was standing there saying, "ask me that Mom!").  Here are Wyatt's answers:

What is your name?  Wyatt Allan
How old are you? 4
What is your favorite color? Blue
Who is your best friend? Tyler and Colin and Joshua
What is your favorite animal? Giraffe
What do you want to be when you grow-up? The best hockey player (he emphasized several times that he is going to be the "best" and get the puck past the goalie all the time. He has been to too many hockey games!)
What is your favorite Movie? The "Toy Story where Woody's arm gets chopped off" (This is, in fact, how we identify Toy Story movies in our house.  "Toy Story" is the "Toy Story with Sid," and "Toy Story 3" is "Toy Story when Andy goes to college.")
What is your favorite book? My dinosaur book that teaches me all about dinosaurs
What makes you happy? Hugging my Daddy (melts my heart)
What makes you sad? Nothing
What is your favorite food to eat? Peanut butter & jelly and Mac & Cheese
What is your favorite song to sing? "Don't Stop Believing" (he LOVES this song)
What games do you like to play? Baseball and hockey


  1. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard!

  2. Brittney, what a cute idea! I love it.

    I did see those shirts in the Target ad, and I really liked them. I need to check it out. ; ) Thanks for reminding me!

    Your kids are precious.