Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interview with Reese

I saw this cute interview on Pinterest and thought that it would be a fun thing to do this with the kids.  I started with Reese yesterday while she was eating lunch.

What is your name?  Reesie
How old are you? 2, my birthday is August 25 (she is very anxious to turn 3 - and since she wears a size 4T because she's so tall, most people don't think she's only 2!)
What is your favorite color? Pink and Purple
Who is your best friend? Wyatt
What is your favorite animal? Minnie Mouse
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A doctor
What is your favorite Movie? Winnie the Pooh
What is your favorite book? A dog book
What makes you happy? A surprise
What makes you sad? Wyatt bothering me
What is your favorite food to eat? Grapes
What is your favorite song to sing?  "Mean" (Taylor Swift)
What games do you like to play? Princess Doctors (I have no idea what Princess Doctors is.  She and Wyatt like to pretend that they're at the doctor.  But I've never seen princesses mixed in!)


  1. how cute! i'm stealing this idea!

  2. I'm going to borrow this one too I hope - if I do I'll link back to you :)