Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Reesie Piecey!

Brian and I can not believe that our little girl is a 4 year old now!  It seems like just yesterday that she was born (although, it gets easier not to think about that experience as she gets older).
At 4 she is lively, funny, silly, loving, and loud!  There is no inside voice button on her.  She cares about everyone, and she doesn't always get that just because she wants to "take care" of her baby brother by playing with him and picking him up, that doesn't mean that he wants her to do it.  She occasionally gets the message when he screams, but lately it's been him smacking her away and her crying that helps get the message across!

She is my little helper - she cleans up and steps into help without being asked.  She keeps her room clean (thank goodness) and she puts things away as she's done with them (yes, I know how rare this is - her big brother is her exact opposite).  She helps me "serve" dinner.  She likes to pick out her own clothes in the morning, and doesn't always like it when I have a different suggestion!

She is 100% a Daddy's Girl and 100% a Mommy's Girl - she just prefers Daddy to me!

The current loves of her life are Doc McStuffins, Mobi Go, her Teddy, books, books, and more books, Dora (still), Minnie Mouse, aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the princesses (but Cinderella is her favorite), and arts and crafts. She loves to paint with watercolors, color, and practice writing her letters.  We can definitely see a difference in her fine motor skills this summer - her letters are getting so good!

She can't wait for school to start, and I know that she is going to just love it!  I'm very excited for her to start the school year and get back in her Phonics book and get back to learning.  And I know that she will be excited to see her friends and get a little time away from her brothers!  Ha!

Happy Birthday Reesie!  We love you so much!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Reese! My girls love Doc McStuffins too!