Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Pictures from my phone and Brian's phone this week!

Hudson is unstoppable when it comes to big kid toys.  He wants to do everything that they do.  Including putting on Buzz Lightyear wings and running around my house like a crazy child!
Reese, Hudson and I waited in the car on Saturday for the rain to let up for baseball practice (it didn't).  She wanted me to take her "birthday picture."  She also told me that day that I should let her answer my phone because everyone that called just wanted to talk to her!
Here is the birthday girl, chowing down on her salad at Red Robin.  She cracks me up!
With one of the princess balloons that Daddy got her for her birthday party.  Yes, those are Christmas jammies.  She likes long sleeves and long pants year round.  She gets cold.  She even wears socks to bed!
Hanging out and watching Doc McStuffins before bed.
It's grainy because it's a picture I took of a shirt on zulily the other day.  Brian sings "Beth" to Reese every night before bed, so I thought he might like it.  And she's about to own it!
Wyatt's back to school postcard came in the mail on Thursday!  He is going to be in Mrs. Boyle's kindergarten class this year.  Reese's post card still hasn't gotten here, but we know that she has Ms. Stephanie and we'll meet both of their teachers tonight at Open House!  I can't believe that Open House is tonight, I can't believe that school starts next week, and I can't believe that this little guy is about to be in school 5 days a week!  It's seems crazy that this is his third year of school, and his third Open House - he has gotten so big!  And he's already asked me if we're going out for ice cream tonight.

Reese picked out this new dry erase workbook at the store the other day, and she's been practicing her letters.  Her B's were dreadful at the end of the school year last year, and they've gotten much better with some practice this summer!  I can't wait for her to get back to school and back to her Phonics Book!
Nothing like crowding around Daddy's phone to watch Arthur in the morning.
She got this crown for her birthday and is currently all about playing "Princess Doctors."  I'm still not sure how the two are incorporated, but if she's going to play Princess, I think it's great that she wants to be a doctor, too!

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  1. They will love school this year! Hudson has grown a lot this summer! Wow!