Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Out for Ice Cream!

Brian's day off this week was pretty low key for us!  We took the kids to swim lessons and then Brian's mom took the big kids to the library while we took H to Target.  We all met back home for lunch and quiet time and just hung out.  These kids are so spoiled on Daddy's day off!  They kept asking what we were going to do that was fun.  Brian and I decided that after we ate dinner we would take them out for ice cream.  Wyatt and Reese talked about what kind of ice cream they wanted the entire ride to Handel's!

Blue eyes!  It will definitely be interesting to see whether she stays our only blue eyed child!  She actually intentionally wanted to get the ice cream on her face because it matched her dress.  HOT MESS!
Somebody loves his Daddy.  He has been doing a MUCH better job eating lately.  We've cut down afternoon snacks to a piece of fruit.  This did not go over well at first, but he's actually asking me now for carrots instead, or for a "big bowl of strawberries."  This is completely unbelievable because he wouldn't any of this without a fight.  Or he would only eat his 5 required bites.  Now he eats it all and asks for more.  I don't know what switch flipped, but I'm glad it did!  He does ask me to feel his muscles all the time now though!
So happy to be getting some ice cream!  His basic request was "Bite!"  He would follow that up with "It's good!" or "Thank you!"  Sometimes I can't get over how much he resembles his brother at the same age!
Me and my future kindergartener!
Wyatt is a pro at taking pictures with Brian's camera (seriously, we find pictures on our phones that we know we didn't take.  In the mornings before we're up, he'll grab a phone and take pictures of us sleeping.  Or of the TV.  So silly!).  He decided to take a picture of Brian and I together.  I don't know when we last had our picture taken, so it was nice of him to take one :)
And yes...I'm kind of huge!

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  1. There is just nothing better than ice cream on a hot day!!! The pic of Reese with it all over her face cracks me up:)