Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've taken a lot more pictures with my phone this week.  Still not overly thrilled with the quality (seriously, it's like night and day compared to Brian's phone), but I am waiting very patiently for my upgrade in October!

On the very rare occasion, Hudson doesn't mind cuddling with his big sister.  She was very excited!
Another load of baby clothes in the washer!  I have loved every minute of hanging up her clothes and folding them.  I can't wait to meet her and get her dressed.
Like I said last week, we moved the armoire out of Reese's room, which gave her more space to move around.  I was able to move her bed out from the middle of the wall and into the corner.  Her curtains and the mobile both came from Pottery Barn Kids (I ordered the blackout curtains about 18 months ago when she stopped napping, and it fixed it.  The mobile was in her original nursery).  Her bedding and rug came from Target!
Hudson is so into Sesame Street right now, so I went up into the attic to find some of Wyatt's old toys.  This tickle me Cookie Monster used to scare Wyatt to death, so it didn't stay out for very long, but H loves it.  He also apparently likes Herm Edwards.  It's actually funny sometimes the things my kids learn from watching Mike & Mike in the Morning with Brian!
Settling down to watch their last show!  Every night they have to agree on one last show before bed.
I found this blog on Pinterest, and decided that the kitchen command center idea was genius.  While I don't have the space to dedicate an entire cabinet to it, I was able to commit my bottom shelf.  It's perfect.  The blue bin on the left has my life planner, address book, and assorted other items.  The small blue plastic bin next to it holds chargers.  There's a mail sorter so Brian can take a look at the bills (if he wants!  Ha!).  The blue bin on the right holds Brian's random stuff - legal pads with notes from work, etc.  And the black organizer next to it holds his wallet, keys and other small items.  His stuff used to be relegated to a drawer, but this is so much easier!  I was also able to install a cork board inside the cabinet for invitations, reimbursement checks from Brian's work, etc.  I am loving it so far!
My parents dropped Katie off at college on Thursday, so Brian and I took turns letting their dogs out.  I just ran in to let them out quickly, and Hudson was sad that he didn't get to go in.  This was the look on his face when I pulled out of the garage.  He was screaming, "Pop Pop!  Pop Pop!"  Poor fella!
Here he is last night after his bath.  If there is a chair at the kitchen table, he will climb it as fast as he can. The problem is that it's a tall table, so he needs to be supervised!  His big brother left his toys out though, so there was no stopping him!
I'm currently working on one more load of clothes that had stubborn protein stains.  I was able to get them out with Oxyclean and hot water, but I still wanted to let them get some sunshine.  It looked like it was starting to rain, so I grabbed the laundry basket.  Wyatt took it and said that he was going to get the clothes because I am "so big, and would probably get tired and sweaty," if I had to do it.

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