Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie to share What I'm Loving this week!

Since it's August, my brain is focused on two things - Reese's birthday party and finally getting to meet her baby sister!  We are having Reese's party at The Little Gym again this year, and I've tried to plan as much in advance as possible!

She originally wanted a Tangled Party, then she switched to "JUST Cinderella," and now she wants "Aaaaaaaalllllll the princesses."  I kid you not.  And this is what she's like with Halloween, too.  First it was Cinderella, then it was Tinkerbell, and now it's Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  Since she requested all of the princesses, I went with this invitation :).
Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

I would love to get her a cake like this!

Or these cupcakes!  How fun!  But I can't do it this year - I will be 38 weeks pregnant, and I can't do it myself.

So instead, I might just get the cupcake toppers that match her invitation and be done with it!  She changes her mind between cake and cupcakes every day, too!

I also think that these favors are super fun for girls! I got buckets for them for $1 in the Target $1 bins, so now I just have to get the supplies.  Watercolors can be found pretty cheap right now, too!  I usually just make chocolate covered pretzels, but I really don't want to add any stress to myself right now!

Now on to her Baby Sister!

I was finally able to purchase her car seat last week!  This is the first time I've needed to buy a new one since Wyatt was born. We were in a car accident right before we switched Wyatt to his convertible seat, so the insurance company bought us a brand new one.  Reese and Hudson were both able to use the seat that the insurance company paid for, but it wasn't in the best condition to use again.  So I got to pick a fun girly seat for her.  I really liked another one, but Brian didn't like it.  He liked this Minnie Mouse seat, so we got it instead.  Fortunately I had a 20% off coupon!
 I have heard great things about the Fisher Price Rock-N-Play, but I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on something we won't re-use.  I stopped by a different Target last week, and they had this one on clearance for $40! I decided to pick it up, and then talk it over with Brian since this was the last one.  I think it looks super cozy, and hopefully can replace the battery eating swing as the baby's preferred sleeping spot :)
 Other than those two items, we really still need diapers (I'm not planning on cloth diapering her for at least a month), burp cloths, socks, bibs, and D batteries.  Hopefully I can get those things in the next couple of shopping trips, too!

Now on to me :).  

Just in case my husband was wondering about getting me a push present (he never has before, since I've technically never pushed.  But maybe the last time is a charm?), here are two things that I would absolutely love to get soon!

A new pair of running shoes!  I think I got my last pair two years ago (that's about my average for running shoes - which is probably pathetic.  I should be buying them more - right?), but after I get the go-ahead, I don't plan on wasting time getting back in shape.  I LOVE these Nike's!  And it might just be a coincidence, but I know a guy who lost a pair a couple of weeks ago when he forgot that he left his shoes on the bumper of his Jeep after he mowed the yard.  One of the shoes made it to work on the bumper, but the other flew off somewhere between work and home.  So maybe he can Rack Room it up for a BOGO :)?
 Another viable option would always be the baby's birthstone :).  A sapphire charm for my Pandora bracelet would be lovely, too!
And I guess that's what I'm loving this week!


  1. I LOVE all of the princess stuff for Reese's cute!!! And that car seat is precious too!! Good luck with the running shoes...I'm SO bad about replacing them as often as you should too!!

  2. What a fabulous birthday party!!!!!! ANd your kids are too cute for words!!!

  3. Those cones are so cute!

    Have a lovely day! Stop by and say hello! :)