Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nursery on the Brain

I haven't been blogging much.  For a variety of reasons.  The kids and I haven't been doing much.  I'm exhausted all the time.   Chasing these three around all day (and catering to their every need) wears me out.  When we do go somewhere fun, I am usually wiped for the next day.  On Monday we went to the Living Museum again, but I didn't take any pictures.  Because I didn't feel like taking the camera out.  And because I sat down most of the time.  I feel sadly pathetic when I say that this pregnancy has been tougher on me than any of the others, but it's the truth.  There is absolutely no down time.   I kind of long for my pregnancies at work that required nothing more of me than sitting at my desk with headphones in for 8 hours a day. 

Anywho, I've been spending time cleaning and organizing and doing laundry.  More laundry than usual now that you count the cloth diapers :).  And sitting down when I can.

I've been getting our room ready for the baby - she's going to be sleeping with us, and rather than make space for her in our closet or Reese's, we're going to move Reese's armoire to our room to store her clothes.  I dream of her little nursery (and I put so much effort into setting Reese's up exactly how I wanted it before she came), but that would require moving the other kids in with each other, which we're just not ready for yet. 

I've been looking at room on Pinterest for MONTHS.  Grey and yellow seem to be big, but Brian hates yellow (I had to paint the family room at the old house because the khaki shade on the wall was yellow-ish), which also rules out anything else with yellow in the mix.  I've been partial to this coral/aqua combo for months, but it seems to have taken off over the last few weeks!

I seriously love everything about these rooms.  Of course, I could never take a chance and chevron a wall, but I think it's super cute!

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