Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reese's 4th Birthday

Reese turned 4 yesterday!  Her big party with friends was today, and we had a low key day for her big day.  I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, and then we went to Brian and Wyatt's baseball practice - which ended up being rained out!  Brian went to work and we spent the day at home playing, watching the Doc McStuffins DVD that Wyatt "got" her for her birthday (he told us exactly what he wanted to give her!) and taking a nap before her birthday dinner!

Before we left to meet the grandparents and Brian at Red Robin for dinner, I set up Reese's presents by her Minnie Mouse chair.  I sent Brian to Toys R Us on Friday to get her birthday presents.  You know the saying about a kid in a candy store?  Yeah, Brian's like that, but he's an actual kid in a toy store.

She had a lot of fun at dinner.  I thought she wanted to get a grilled cheese and fries?  Nope.  She talked all day about a salad with ranch dressing and french fries.  And she stood by that at the table.  The child wolfed down almost an entire side salad!  When they brought her ice cream sundae she gobbled that down, too...after Brian got rid of the whipped cream.  She doesn't like that!

She couldn't wait to open her birthday presents!
She got a few Brave toys, a Doc McStuffins toy and, her favorite thing?

A doctor dress up outfit and a Doc McStuffins doctor bag.  I actually sent Brian back to the store Saturday morning because we were watching the show and Reese told me that she really hoped she got Doc's doctor bag for her birthday!
Reesie told me that she wanted pink cupcakes for her birthday.  So I made her pink lemonade cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting.  I think that they were delicious.  So did all of the other grownups.  Reese, Wyatt and Hudson?   Not so much!  Hudson threw his down and said, "Yuck!"

And speaking of Hudson, I know I said I wasn't going to try and potty train him, but I did take it out, and he has been following me to the bathroom.  He followed me in yesterday and he actually went to the bathroom.  I looked down and I was shocked!  I think  that the cloth diapers really help, because he did it again today!  I'm not even trying to train him, and he's choosing to do it on his own. 

He doesn't quite understand that these aren't his toys!  He picked the brothers from Reese's Brave set right up and I guess he started giving them a check up...he loves Doc McStuffins, too!  He sees her on TV and shouts, "Doc! Doc!"

Reese was so sweet last night when I tucked her in.  She told me that she loved that she got to spend her birthday with her family, and she couldn't wait for her birthday party today.  She is the sweetest!

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