Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Cloth Diapering Adventure. So Far.

It has been about a month since we decided to make the switch to cloth diapers.  I figured that I should give a little but of an update about how we've liked them so far!

We LOVE them. In case anyone is legitimately concerned, these are my personal opinions based on my experience.  No one is giving me diapers or anything based on what I say.  I just thought this might be helpful for people who are also thinking about it, or are new to cloth diapering!  

Anyway, I started out with 6 Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, basically just to "give it a go."  I figured that if we hated them I could keep them on stand by for days that I knew we were just going to be home, or I could sell them or something.

So unnecessary!  We got them, and I have literally just kind of fallen in love.  Cleaning them is a snap.  Once they've been soiled I just throw them in the pail and wait for more to dirty up.  Which is guaranteed.  Ha!  I haven't broken down and ordered a sprayer for my toilet (yet), but I think it's probably something that I might do, just to clean them up first.

We have had one bout of diaper rash, and I switched him to disposables because Desitin Max Force is really the only thing that will clear his rashes up (I might try coconut oil next time so we can stick with cloth).  I think that he might have had a little stomach bug at the time, so that was a mess, and I was also trying to get some Vitamin C in his system, and his little bottom did not react well to the citrus at all.  After about 2 days of Desitin he was okay again, and back in cloth!

And when it comes to his opinion, he is totally pro-cloth.  When his bottom was broken out, he actually threw a temper tantrum because he could see clean cloth diapers and I put him in disposable!  He cracks me up!

When I originally ordered my first 6 diapers, Cotton Babies was having a July Special where you could buy five, and get the sixth for free.  So that's where I ordered my first 6.  Fuzzi Bunz was having a 10% off sale at the beginning of August, and I got free shipping, so I decided to order 6 more.  I'm washing them just about every two nights, and it's working out well.  It took me a little bit of time to get the elastic sized just right, but that was more user error.

I think that we're pretty good with 12 for now, I don't feel like we have an excess of diapers, but I do have to keep up with demand.  Honestly, I would probably wash them every two days anyway because I think they would get a little too stinky if I let them sit longer.  I'm not sure what we're going to do when the baby comes (well, I do know that I'm going to put her in disposables for a bit), but we may need to order a few more! 

The switch to cloth has also seemed to benefit Hudson on the potty training front.  While I'm not even attempting to train him right now (Wyatt was 3 and a half before he was completely trained, Reese was 2 and a half), it would be nice if he at least recognized when he was going!  It might make it easier when the time comes.  It's actually pretty similar to what worked for the big kids anyway - they trained much easier and faster in regular underpants than they did in pull ups!

That's really all I've got for now.  I am really happy that we made the decision to switch.  The last time that I bought disposables was over a month ago!  We still have a big package, but I'm setting them to the side so that our moms can use them when I'm in the hospital.  I'll give an update again after the baby is here and we're settled more into a routine!

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