Sunday, August 5, 2012


I ended up using my old phone a la iPod Touch this week to take some of these.  Here's what we've been up to!

Ice Pops - Reese can't get the juice from the bottom, so she uses a straw to drink it!
After his bath the other night, Hudson asked for a banana.  Then he insisted on grabbing some of Wyatt's Star Wars guys, or as he calls them, "Good guys!"  Ha!
Our cloth diapers finally showed up last weekend!  I washed and dried them several times before they ended up on Hudson's bottom - but I was so excited to get my new "collection" in the mail.
Last Monday, Brian took the big kids to Chuck E. Cheese while Hudson and I ran errands.  For some reason, Hudson woke up from his nap (if he ever actually fell asleep) WAILING. He's a happy guy, and for the most part, I wouldn't even know he was awake if it weren't for the monitor.  He just kind of hangs out until I get him and talks quietly to himself.  I knew that something was wrong, so I brought him downstairs.  He was feeling very cuddly, and I thought he might fall back asleep.  No such luck, but he looked sooooo sweet.  I can't believe that he 21 months old!
On our way to swim lessons on Tuesday, we saw this car.  It may not be special to anyone else on the planet, but to me, this car is AMAZING.  It looks just like my very first Volvo - a 1983 240.  Same color, same seats, same dash.  I was tempted to get out of my van to check the mileage.  Volvo's were the "in car" when I was in high school - all of my friends had one.  Not even kidding.  One of my friends registered it for Volvo's 100,000 mile club when it hit that milestone! I loved everything about my Volvo, but mine basically ended up with every catastrophic vehicular problem - at one time - while I was on the interstate. It was already considered "totaled" by an insurance company after I was hit by a drunk driver (and they paid what my parents paid for it - $1400), but it was still drivable - and it was also an amazingly safe car. I walked away completely unscathed (minus some back issues) after the guy hit me going 45 miles an hour while I was at a dead stop. Then my dad was able to donate it  - for another $1400.  Seriously, this car made them money!  But it was amazing, and just seeing its twin made me so happy!
Here is Hudson's reaction to his very first cloth diaper - he had no idea what was happening!
The other day I was in the laundry room and I heard a crack.  Wyatt was crying so I ran out to see what was happening - and I found this.  He decided that he wanted to see what was in the drawer that wouldn't open.  And he was apparently pretty determined.  Because I've never actually seen anyone pull this off before.  Especially a 5 year old!  Fortunately I was able to get the other latch glued back on and it's back together - but seriously, who does this?

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