Friday, August 24, 2012

Interview with Reese

Last summer I did this interview with the kids, and wanted to do it again this summer.  I figured I needed to get Reese's done before she turns 4 (TOMORROW), so I asked the questions yesterday.  As always, she cracks me up.  I'd love to do it again in the winter when Brian is home more (I think you can see how much she misses him in her answers).  Maybe she'll actually talk about me?  Doubt it!  Ha!

What is your name?  Reesie Piecey
How old are you? 3 for 2 more days
What is your favorite color?  Purple and Pink
Who is your best friend?  Ryan and Griffin
What is your favorite animal?  Monkeys with pink bottoms (baboons - she loves Rafiki)
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A princess
What is your favorite Movie? Lion King 2
What is your favorite book? Cinderella
What makes you happy? When Daddy's home and gives me hugs and kisses.  And loving Daddy.
What makes you sad? When Daddy's not home.
What is your favorite food to eat? Mac & Cheese and Pizza
What is your favorite Snack? Goldfish and Pretzels
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What is your least favorite food? Fish
What is your favorite song to sing?  American Honey
What games do you like to play? Soccer, baseball, basketball and football and tennis
What are your favorite sports teams? Yankees and Green Bean Crackers
Who is your favorite baseball player? Derek Jeter
What is your favorite thing you did all summer? Going out for ice cream
Name 3 words that tell all about you? Happy, silly, love

And a few notes that I wanted to add:
Her favorite song is "American Honey."  But she also sings an absolutely adorable version of  "Switzerland" by Bison and "We Are Young" by Fun.  And yesterday she asked me to listen to "Century Girl" by Kelly Clarkson.  When I asked her to sing it for me, I was able to surmise that she actually wanted to hear "Since You've Been Gone."  Ha!

Her favorite holiday is Christmas right now because she wants a Leap Pad.  She loves playing games on my phone, and she saw a Leap Pad at Target the other day and thought it was an iPad for kids.  She said she wanted one for her birthday, but that isn't happening.  I told her to ask Santa Claus for one.  So right now, Christmas is her favorite.  But I know that her favorite holiday right now is actually Thanksgiving.  She asks me at least twice a week to name all the food we get to eat at Thanksgiving, and her eyes get big and she says she can't wait for it!  Plus, she also knows that Parker will return around that time!

I would also guess that her favorite "game" is puzzles.  But soccer, baseball, basketball and football and tennis are also good choices. 

My children have chosen the Packers as their favorite football team on their own.  Brian is a Dolphins fan, but I don't think he's dedicated to raising a new generation of Dolphins fans.  Why put them through that?

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