Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Wednesday

I am trying to make sure that we fit in a lot of fun with the kids this summer before school starts after Labor Day.  In the morning we had swim lessons (can not believe that their last day of lessons for the summer is today), and then we went to the Children's Museum with Derek and Sophie.

The girls wanted to stick together and go to the grocery store and the veterinarian section, so I stayed on the boat with the boys while Mendee took the girls!
They made the trip to Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago, and they were giving out these hats.  Derek and Sophie brought two back for Wyatt and Reese! 
I let Hudson out of the stroller for a little bit, and he was a toddler on a mission!  This kid is lightning fast and wants to keep up with the big boys.  I let him play for a bit, but then I couldn't keep up with all of them, so he went back in the stroller.  I have never, ever in my life considered getting a leash for one of the kids, but I'm actually thinking about it now.  I am just incredibly paranoid, and I know that losing one of them is my worst nightmare!
The boys climbed up into one of the train observation areas to watch an electric train pass by!

The kids had a blast, and after doing every else at the museum, they spent another 45 minutes playing in the stage/dress up section.  I think that there was a play about animals fighting each other?  I was actually really pleased because I talked to Wyatt about not teasing the girls, and he took it in and behaved beautifully! That's what makes me want to take them places!  Ha!

After the museum we came home for lunch and a late quiet time.  The little kids fell asleep,  but Wyatt stayed awake.  I fell asleep on the couch (I am exhausted all the time), and I know that he came up and gave me a kiss on the cheek while I was sleeping!  So sweet.

We went over to my parents house after every one was up so that we could have dinner with Katie. She's leaving for college today!   I can't believe it!  The kids have been "preparing" for her to leave for awhile (it's a constant question), but it's crazy that the time is finally here.  We are going to miss her so much, but at least we know we'll see her again after the baby comes!  Wyatt asked me on the way home if this meant that she wasn't going to be able to come to his baseball games anymore.  I told him that she will miss some this fall, but that she'll be home in May to see the end of his spring season!  So, you might want to plan for that, little sister.  Have a great Move In Day, Katie!!!

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  1. Looks like they had a blast! Gwen is the same way, doesn't want to stay in the stroller, just wants to run loose like a maniac, lol. Good luck to your sister!