Sunday, March 1, 2009


It has been an absolutely disgusting weekend. I can't stand cold, rainy weather and that is all we've gotten. There's a rumor that we're going to get a "blizzard" (that would be snowfall of one to two inches) tomorrow. I really hope that doesn't happen.

Yesterday we spent the day hanging around the house. Around 4:30 we dropped Wyatt off at my parents' house so we could take Reese to get her pictures taken. The mall was packed. I guess the rainy day and the fact that it was a Saturday night all contributed to the crowd. I felt like I was 16 again. Married. With a baby.

Reese did a great job for her pictures. She even had a wardrobe change and took it in stride. Daddy got a lot of beautiful smiles out of her too. The photographer taking her pictures was a red head and she kept talking about how cute our little red head is. She also agreed with me when I told her I think the red hair is here to stay. I think the fact that her eyelashes are blonde is a pretty good sign that her hair isn't getting darker. And that I'll be spending some money on mascara when she's a teenager.

Since it usually takes about a half hour for the pictures to be ready, Brian and I decided to go to Johnny Rocket's to get something to eat. Reese sat in her stroller and smiled the entire time. I think she was happy to finally get some alone time with both of us without that pesky big brother hanging around!

When we got back to Picture People to see her pictures we saw that our little girl was already on display. The photographer had taken one of her pictures and put it in the lobby of the studio. I know it's silly, but we were so excited to see her picture there. We spent more than we planned on her pictures, but they turned out so great that we had to!

After the pictures we fought the mall crowd to get to Old Navy. I got a gift card for Christmas but didn't see much I wanted to buy then. They were having a pretty good sale so I got new jeans and some shirts and flip flops. I'm hoping I only fit in these jeans for a few weeks!
Here's the whole display case - she's the bottom two pictures
Here's a closer look at her pictures..with reflection. Brian took these with his iPhone.

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