Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol: Week 5

Who's idea was it to let the judges go two at a time? And who decided that we don't get the pleasure of listening to Simon after every performance? I would rather listen to one of the others and Simon than Kara and Randy. What a crock! This is the kind of stuff that's pushing Simon to (maybe) leave.

I didn't like Allison. The entire time she sang, I felt like I was waiting for something. It was like she had no idea what she was singing about. I didn't think she deserved her raves from the judges.

I thought Anoup rocked it with his Bryan Adams song. It really was one of his best performances, and I''m not just saying that because I like him so much.

Adam Lambert makes me want to cry. He's over the top. I like "over the top," but not that over the top. I don't get this fascination people have with him. He's different, but not that different.

Matt Giraud also made me want to cry. Because he picked the "Really, really, really, ever, ever, ever loved a woman" song. I hate that song. Bottom Three!

I'm not going to address Danny Gokey anymore than this word: BORING!

Kris Allen was pretty good. Never heard of the movie. Never heard the song. That's probably a good thing.

Lil Rounds can't pick a song to save her life. Which prompt me to not want to buy her album. It'll probably be another "I'm Sorry for 2004." Way to go Ruben Studdard. Or something like Taylor Hicks' album. Can somebody name a song from that? Anybody?

Bottom Three: Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta, Lil Rounds
Going Home: Lil Rounds. Maybe. I'm not sure about this week. Allison went first, so it could be her. I don't know.

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