Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter in Pictures...
The baskets. Reese on the left, Brian in the middle, Wyatt on right (the Little People toy is his too). Where's my Easter basket you ask? Ask my husband.
Reese checking out her new exersaucer toy.
Ooooh. Baseball cards. And animals. And Spiderman eggs.
Reese loves to watch her brother!
Showing us the eggs he found!
Trying to unwrap an egg from the vine. It's actually a very good hiding spot.
Reese sitting out on her blanket in the sun.
My precious daughter and my beautiful niece!
Colin loves his little cousins so much!
"How does Baba get his lawn so green?"
Taking care of the doggies
The ladies on the porch
The boys taking care of the dogs.
He even loves fake dogs.
Tarzan swinging from the vine!
Colin and Wyatt playing the piano
Reese in her bunny ears!

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