Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eight Months Old!

Reese turned eight months old yesterday! We spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful weather outside. In fact, that's what we've done today too! First thing this morning we went to the beach to enjoy a nice LONG walk on the boardwalk. Reese's fair skin requires multiple re-coatings of sunscreen though!

Reese is generally a very happy little girl, but teething is really getting to her! There are times during the day that she is just miserable. I can't wait for the first one to be over!

Her sleeping patterns have improved over the last month, but I definitely need to get her napping in her crib. She's been taking three hour naps in her swing, and I just don't have the energy to put her down in her crib and have her wake up after 45 minutes. I'm getting there though, because I think she could actually nap longer in her room once she gets used to it. Wyatt wakes her up before she's ready to every day!

Brian and I were discussing the differences between the two kids at this age this morning. At eight months, Wyatt was crawling and he was all over the place. He seemed more like a big boy than a baby. At eight months, Reese still seems like a baby! A big baby, but a baby nonetheless. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here she is at 10:07am yesterday when she turned 8 months old!
We put a hat on her...but she took it off...
Bring me outside all time! I love it!

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