Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ups & Downs of Being a Daddy

So as previously mentioned by Brittney...we had Norfolk Tides tickets, but she was sick and the weather was rainy. So I pretty much gave up hope on going to the game. But as we finished dinner the weather seemed to clear up. Brittney called Pop-Pop and Aunt Katie (who were already at the game) to see what the weather was like there...Katie said it was nice & sunny. So I decided to take Wyatt for a Guys Night Out at the ballpark.

After dinner I asked Wyatt, "Do you want to go see a baseball game with Daddy?" He of course answered excitedly, "Yes"! You should have seen his smile...it was awesome. So for the next 20 minutes as I got ready to go and Brittney got Wyatt ready, all he kept saying over & over again was, "Wyatt going to baseball game with Daddy" and "Going to ballgame with Daddy". He was stoked (and so was I). Finally we were ready to go. The diaper backpack was stocked with all the essentials...including Wyatt's baseball glove. He was already wearing his Derek Jeter shirt and Yankees baseball helmet. So with one last "Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, going to baseball game", Wyatt and I headed out the door and loaded into the car.

I backed out of the driveway, and Wyatt shouted "Going to baseball game with Daddy!" We were on the road for approximately 27 seconds (not an exaggeration) when my phone rang. It was Brittney...Pop-Pop had just called to say that the Tides had announced the field was unplayable and the game was cancelled. WHAT?!? My stomach dropped...what in the world was I going to tell this extremely excited 2 year old little boy? Brittney suggested that I take him for ice cream. So I got off the phone and had to do one of the most difficult things ever...tell Wyatt that we weren't going to the game. I said, "Hey Buddy, I've got bad news, the game has been cancelled. Baseball game went bye-bye." He started to cry and said, "go to baseball game with Daddy." I told him that I was sorry and asked if he wanted to get some ice cream. To which he quickly answered "No, want to go baseball game with Daddy". Tears were now in full effect and I don't mind saying that my heart was breaking each time he cried that he wanted to go to the game with me.

So in a last ditch effort I asked him, "Does Wyatt want to PLAY baseball with Daddy"? I got an excited "Yes". However, the tears quickly returned when I pulled into the driveway. But once I pulled out the tee, bat, ball and bases he was ok. We spent the rest of the night (until after dark) playing baseball, running the bases and playing inside my Jeep.

It stinks that we couldn't go to the game, but it turned out to be a great Guys Night anyway. And I owe you a ballgame little fella!


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  1. Found your page via FEEDJIT.

    That is a sweet story. Hopefully the weather will clear up around here!