Saturday, April 4, 2009

Playing Outside

Last night we went over my parents' house for dinner for my Mom's birthday. It was a gorgeous day, and Wyatt was anxious to play outside. He loves to play with their dog Bella (she's only a few months older than Wyatt) and kick the soccer ball around in the backyard. The house my parents live in now is not the house I grew up in, but I know I would have had a blast if I had. Even though I was never an "outdoors" kid, I still would have loved hanging out in the pool or laying on the hammock reading. And actually, I did those very things until I moved out of there when Brian and I got married :).

Anyway, their backyard is a kid's paradise. They have a dock for fishing and feeding the turtles, the pool, lots of grass to play in, and a swingset. If we had a backyard like they do (with more yard than concrete), Brian and I probably wouldn't be so eager to move. Wyatt loved running around chasing after Bella and Daddy. He also enjoyed eating out on the patio. His favorite part of the evening was the birthday cake though. I made my mom an ice cream cake and he loved it. He "helped" me make it too, so he kept telling everyone that. He also helped her blow out her birthday candles.

Here are a few pictures from all the fun yesterday!

Kicking the ball to Bella
Bella's kind of tired
The view from the dock
Wyatt sitting on the dock with Daddy

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