Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Opening Day!

Today is Opening Day 2009 baseball fans! I think it's a well known fact that baseball is an obsession in this house, and today is one of the best days of the year. And the good news is that, thanks to the genius behind the MLB Extra Innings package, we'll get to see every single game. Not that I dislike it, it's just on every single night. Until Brian goes through a one of his patented "The Yankees suck, they can't hit for anything" phases. Those usually only last two nights...

Anyway, we're having a small party to celebrate today. We have some balloons and plates. We're going to eat hot dogs for dinner. And of course, the whole family is decked out in our Yankees attire (A-Rod shirts notwithstanding). So far Reese has had two wardrobe changes, with the possibility of 3 more Yankees outfits.

And speaking of my little girl, I am SO proud of her! I didn't want to jinx it, but she is now officially a through-the-night sleeper! I put her down around 8:30 and she sleeps until 5:30 every morning, and then she goes right back to sleep when she's done eating. I, unfortunately, am not that lucky. Well, three days a week I am. But 4 days of waking up early really blows.

Anyway, I'm off to set up for the party, and get organized for the birthday party this weekend!

Yes, that's a baseball on her butt!
Playing with Wyatt's glove and baseballs
Wyatt took his glove away from Reese and gave hers to her instead. Then he decided to show her how to wear it. Because he's an old pro.
Reese in her second outfit of the day it says "Rookie of the Year." Check out those beautiful blue yes!
Such a happy little girl!

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  1. omg, she is so adorable and in the first picture she looks like a bunny from the back :)

    best wishes