Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: Week 4

So last week I was too busy with my birthday boy posts to blog my American Idol thoughts and picks. Well, peace out Megan.

I'm not going to lie to you. Last night was probably one of the most boring episodes of Idol ever. Usually I enjoy the "Songs from your birth year" episode. This is the episode that brought us Carrie Underwood's fabulous version of Alone. But last night wasn't too spectacular.

Anoup: He sang well and he has a fan base. And he kind of looks like Kutner from House, and since all of America thinks he's dead (and not working for the President), Anoup is safe.
Matt: Matt was really good last night. I think he should win. I just feel bad because I forgot to vote...
Lil: Can this woman pick a decent song? I mean, I like her, but she just can't pick a song that fits her. On a side note, if Kara ever uses the word "artistry" again, I'm going to flip my lid.
Danny: MAKE HIM STOP. I know. I'm mean. I just don't like him. He's too...something. But everyone else likes him, so he's safe.
Kris: If Matt doesn't win, I want Kris to. He's so wholesome. And he can sing. And he can play the guitar. Last night was so-so, but I still think he's precious.

The Bottom Three
Adam: So, the only reason that I think he's in the bottom three is because Fox messed up and we didn't even get to see him. I think Adam can sing. And I think he's very original. I just don't think he's Idol. I think he would be safe if America got to see him perform though.
(Un)Fortunately, my husband records Fringe, so we got to see the while performance, and Simon's standing ovation
Allison: The girl can sing. But the judges are right. She not unlikeable, but there's nothing about her that makes me want to vote for her, and I don't think she's reaching out to anyone else, either.
Going Home: Scott! Scott doesn't have "it" either. I think he'll be a decent singer/songwriter, but he's not going to be a huge star. So he's going home. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were Allison.

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  1. i love american idol too :) and i absolutely loved Kris's version of "aint no sunshine"