Monday, April 20, 2009

Workin' At The Car Wash

This post will be short. Because I'm sick. Reese is sick. Wyatt is not sick yet, but I'm predicting it to come soon. This is all a bummer because we had tickets to the Tides game tonight. And Wyatt had a blast the last time we went. But now we won't be going.

Saturday morning the kids and I went over to my parents' house while Brian did massive lawn work. Mowing, edging, fertilizing. Unfortunately, we have this massive spot in the front yard where the soil is just bad, and grass isn't growing. Whatever, that's Brian's job. I don't have the first clue about growing grass. Or cutting it. Apparently our new lawn mower is self propelled. That's perfectly fine, but I won't be finding out about it any time soon. I don't do grass.

While we were over at my parents', Wyatt had fun running the bases in the backyard, and dressing up in his fireman costume. My dad started to wash my car (thanks Dad!), and Katie decided to take Wyatt out to help wash. She put him in a swim diaper and an old shirt. He had a blast playing in the water...until it splashed in his face. There was a minor meltdown, but it was naptime!

Wyatt and the hose during happier times.

Mad at the hose for squirting him in the face!

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